Whether something new for mind and body or a family outing to an inviting location, the town of Braunfels is the best-known and most-visited tourist destination in the Lahn-Dill Region. The picturesque old town and the historic market square with its richly-decorated half-timbered houses make you want to stay. In addition, the town is located at the junction of a number of tourist routes such as the Lahn Cycle Route, the German Half-Timbered Route, and the Dutch Oranje Route.

The idyllic Herrengarten is a unique cultural landmark. It was laid out at the beginning of the 17th century by Count Albrecht I of Solms as a terraced garden. Re-designed around 1800 in the style of an English garden, it is now the Spa Gardens (Kurpark). The Obermühle Town Museum, created from an old mill, is dedicated to local culture and history and is also well worth a visit. With a guided tour through the oldest stone building of the town you will experience history “at first hand”. In addition to the annual Mill Festival, there is also a range of other events. Many people like this historical building for their wedding.

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Just like a fairy tale: a visit to Braunfels Castle

Source: Braunfelser Kur GmbH / Foto: Oliver Stiehler

One of the most appealing tourist attractions of the town is Braunfels Castle with its many pinnacles and battlements visible from a great distance. The public museum area contains exhibits showing over 800 years of history, local customs and wealth, while the family of the current Count lives in the private area. This is one of the few large European castles which is still a private residence.

Braunfels Castle

A visit to the dolerite (also called diabase) quarry with its viewing platform

Source: Braunfelser Kur GmbH

The dolerite deposit was caused by a submarine volcanic explosion 400 million years ago. The greenish-coloured dolerite is still being quarried here today. The viewing platform provides an impressive view of the current state of the extensive quarry terraces.

Diabase quarry

Golfing in style

Source: Photos by Knut Wörner

The 18-hole course of the Schloss Braunfels Golf Club is located on the edge of the Taunus Hills. The extensive grounds with ponds and gentle hills has a style of its own. In the middle of the course is the historic manor house where the club house is now situated.

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